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.You can also add the personalized personal message of from the bride together with bridegroom to feature a your own touch on the favor boxes to turn them in unique wedding mementos.Another wedding and reception favor may be the enchanting calla lily is actually a traditional marriage ceremony symbol known for its longevity and to its finesse.Guests will remember your romance of your special day each time they view the beautiful calla lily peeking with above any pages of their total favorite course.Each calla lily enjoy is packaged in a dainty gift idea box resembling a calla lily flowerbed trellis together with the Pearle odor calla lily and stainless steel marker at a another black starting point.A actual white organza ribbon is and then wrapped around the box which includes a thank you actually card joined Bridal Gowns 2010

wedding dress 2010

2010 wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses 2011

Posted by thmietoddo on Nov 18, 12 1:34:07 PM


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